2023-03-24 16:03:52
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Cancer Testing

Cancer Testing

Cancer screenings are the beginning of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As a medical provider, you want to improve the lives of your patients while maintaining their quality of life. Our laboratory partner’s hereditary cancer test panels analyze the most frequent syndromes that present predisposition to cancer. These panels cover an analysis of 31 genes associated with the diseases, increasing the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Early diagnosis based on preventive tests is highly important and can save a patient’s life.

Hereditary Cancer Test Panels

A non-invasive genetic screen that provides data to aid providers in determining the patient’s risk profile for developing eight genetically linked cancers.

Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Endometrial Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Gastric Cancer
Melanoma Cancer