Medical Devices

Gallini Herniatome

With extensive experience in the pain management setting, MSF is always looking for new ways to provide value to our physicians and their patients. Understanding the different treatment options available to PM physicians, and their ability to accurately pinpoint and diagnose patient’s ailments, we at MSF always look to collaborate with the industry gold standard in devices. Our percutaneous decompression device allows:

  • Evaluation in real time of the decompression.
  • Physicians the ability to decompress problematic discs in the Lumbar and Cervical spine.
  • More thorough decompression due to collection sites, both at the distal tip as well as a lateral window.
  • Complete extraction of the hernia by covering a larger area with minimal movement during the procedure.


At MSF, we analyzed the spine industry and understand the value that a high quality niche product can provide to a physician and patients. That being said we have formed a strategic partnership with Coflex, a company that provides:

  • The surgeon with a 3rd (unmatched) modality to treat patients with advanced, degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • Neutral interlaminar stabilization post decompression.
  • The ability to implant and load in the interlaminar space vs a spinous process implant.
  • 2 and 4-year white paper studies to back up findings. (Soon to be 3 and 5-year data)


Lipogems is an international Italian based company which operates globally in the biotechnology and regenerative medicine space.  Founded by Dr. Temolada, a renowned Italian maxillofacial and plastic reconstructive surgeon, who developed the product in search for a way to produce a smoother more viscous fat graft. This product is intended for the closed-loop processing of lipoaspirate tissue for the purpose of transferring autologous adipose tissue in a variety of applications, including orthopedic surgery.

MedSF has partnered with Lipogems and Dr. Tremolada to support the product line in NY and the tri-state area with the intention of expanding geography as success continue to pour in. As always MSF has taken the time to survey the market, research viable options and partner with what we feel is the superior option in the regenerative medicine space. We have earned the right to be the exclusive distributor in our geography for this state of the art technology.

Biosphere Bone Putty

BioSphere™ Putty is a bone graft that was specifically developed to maximize the bone healing potential of bioactive glass. Using Synergy’s proprietary BioSphere™ Technology, BioSphere Putty is composed of unique spherical particles combined with a resorbable carrier. With the highest bioactive glass content on the market, BioSphere™ Putty still maintains excellent handling and is resistant to irrigation making it a superior option to many of its competitors. The optimized particle size range allows repeatable resorption and ion release that matches natural bone formation, and the bimodal particle distribution provides maximum bone healing response.

Understanding the market and working toward partnering with new emerging technologies, MSF has contracted with OT Medical to distribute this Bone Putty in the Tri-State area. This now gives us the ability to provide additional value in the OR setting, and still grow our office based product portfolio. With the immediate application of the bone putty in some of the top institutions across NY we have seen great success and patient outcomes, taking the necessary steps to making the Biosphere name a staple in Bone Putty’s.